Frequently Asked Questions

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After you submit your details to ‘Request for Evaluation’, you can either go for a doorstep evaluation or get your car evaluated at the nearest True Value outlet.

You can visit the True Value website or app to book your car’s evaluation. What’s more, you can either opt for a doorstep evaluation or get it done at your nearest True Value outlet.

Maruti Suzuki True Value has an exhaustive check list of 376 quality checkpoints, including thorough inspection of exteriors, interiors, structural damage, and engine for mechanical wear and tear.

You do not need to pay any additional charges or commissions when you get your car evaluated or when you sell your car to a True Value outlet.

The True Value price of your car is calculated through Maruti Suzuki True Value’s digital evaluation process to give you the most realistic price.

Once you decide to sell your car to Maruti Suzuki True Value, our professionals evaluate your car as per the defined process. Thereafter, we make the payment in full.

Once you sell your car to us, it undergoes a stringent quality assessment followed by a refurbishment process to ensure that it is in top condition. After that, it will be put on sale.

The payment is made at the earliest* and in full once the seller’s i.e. your bona fides are verified at the RTO.

Car Insurance is mandated by law, so whether it is an old car you have or a relatively new one, it is always ideal that your car is insured.

If your car is hypothecated to the loan providing bank, you can only sell it once you have repaid the loan amount in full and got the hypothecation removed.